8. Governance

Governance provides three essential pillars which are

i) Steering of the consortium in order to be agile which entails representation, coordination, infrastructure, and administration,
ii) Monitoring success of our task area measures and help members to ensure high quality service and user satisfaction, as well as
iii) Communications to engage with the public and interface with partners.


  • Hans-Günther Döbereiner (Speaker)
  • Christina Oettmeier (Coordination)
  • Malte Ohmstede (Infrastructure)
  • Anna Piorecka-Ecken (Administration)

The speaker represents the consortium and provides leadership together with his governance team. He reports to a steering committee which is the governing body of the consortium. The governance team is working towards Scientific Coordination, Consortium Infrastructure, and Administration. The steering committee  consist of the speaker as well as three task area and three domain leaders. The steering committee reports to the general assembly of the consortium consisting of all members which have one vote as a coappllicant and participate as guests otherwise. The steering committee meets at least once every three months, the general assembly at least once per year or when necessary. Speaker and steering committee are elected by the general assembly  which may give the consortium more complete by-laws as suggested by the steering committee.

The speaker collects yearly status and progress reports by our domains and task areas to be assembled into the consortium yearly report received by the steering committee to be presented to the general assembly.

Steering Committee

  • Speaker
  • TA1
  • TA2
  • TA3
  • D1
  • D2
  • D3

Advisory Board

  • Georg Düchs, DPG
  • George Ellis,
  • Karin Jacobs
  • Ulrich Parlitz
  • Jürgen Renn
  • Chris H Wiggins
  • Peter Wittenburg
  • NN

The board is a body of scholars external to the consortium who oversee the general activities and advise the speaker and the steering committee. It is headed by the DPG Presidential Advisor.


  • Thorsten Fehr (Surveys)
  • All Task Area Leaders

Monitoring collects and evaluates measures and milestone.  We are addressing concerns about potential problems in workflow. We are working to keep all members happy. Anybody with a collective or personal issue, please contact us. We will try to solve the problem together. Monitoring is an independent body, responsible only to the general assembly.


  • Holger Frahm

Communications reaches out to the public via media and interacts with the press, publishers, and other external partners.

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