Quantum Information & Artificial Intelligence


Recent years have been witnessing a boost of activities towards the development of quantum technologies. One prominent focus has been the realization of quantum computer hardware platforms and the implementation of adequate software, including quantum algorithms and novel methods to efficiently interface with the available quantum hardware. The impressive scientific and technological advances, hold the premise of the so-called “second quantum revolution” with demonstrations of “quantum supremacy”.

This carries with it substantial challenges, which are inherent to the nature of quantum computing.  One prominent question, is how to handle, store, and curate data generated by quantum computers. Quantum algorithms are often hybrid quantum/classical methods, e.g. variational quantum simulations, and the interplay between classical and quantum computers and their best access needs to be optimized. Finally, the handling, storage and curation of quantum data themselves requires the development of novel strategies. This domain unites the quantum and artificial intelligence communities in order to bundle efforts and provide a general discussion platform leading to synergies between Physics, Quantum Information, and Computer Science. In our Task Area Evolving Infrastructures , we  address the challenges ahead for the purpose of preparing the Basis for (FAIR) data management with present technologies and the newly emerging quantum computer area.

The concrete perspectives of manipulating data using quantum mechanical principles – beyond the capabilities of any classical computer – prominently place quantum computing as an important part of technologies in the center of the agenda process of the Bundesregierung and the Bundesländer. A roadmap on data policies, the implementation of data storage, curation and management is therefore urgently needed. Based on these premises, the community working on Quantum Information Science and Technologies in Germany recognizes the importance of the NFDI process and has identified a priority need of Research Data Management for Quantum Computing.

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