Lecture series “Information and Structure”: Prof. Dr. Jan Nagler (12.05.2021)

Jan Nagler Centre for Human and Machine Intelligence (HMI), Frankfurt School of Finance & Management   Why ergodicity breaking matters in ecosystems? Abstract We show when ergodicity breaking in coupled and uncoupled ecosystems dominates other effects from fluctuating environmental factors. This involves a field study in nematodes. Ergodicity breaking leads to a shift in the […]

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Lecture series “Information and Structure”: Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf (05.05.2021)

Lars Hornuf Fachbereich Wirtschaftwissenschaft, Universität Bremen The Social Dilemma of Big Data  Abstract When using digital devices and services, individuals provide their personal data to organizations in exchange for gains in various domains of life. Organizations use these data to run technologies such as smart assistants, augmented reality, and robotics. Most often, these organizations seek […]

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